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What is Hangaround?


The romance of general aviation is fading among many pilots and enthusiasts. An ongoing airline pilot shortage and disinterest from the younger generation are just some of the challenges general aviation is facing.

One of the best ways to counteract these problems is to develop a better sense of community and connection at our airports.

Hangaround is empowering airport members and businesses with a platform and necessary tools to build a stronger community and promote aviation.

A few of the things you can do on Hangaround

Find Nearby & Similar Members
Your can find nearby members by location as well as custom categories YOU can create. In a new city? Find nearby pilots with just a few clicks.

Airport Community Groups

Hangaround has the ability to organize unlimited airport groups to promote engagement on a local level.

Articles & Media

Hangaround offers everyone the ability to create beautiful articles with photos, videos, files and other embeds

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging and group chat are the heartbeat of your airport community.


Find, organize and promote events nationwide or on a local level.

Beautiful Profile
You'll have a beautiful profile designed to prompt engagement with a bio and your activity all in one place.


Add custom topics to organize your conversations and articles as well as activity by other members.

Mobile App

Never miss an airport announcement or message by downloading the Mighty Networks mobile app and signing into Hangaround. 

Courses (Coming Soon)

We're in the process of building some great courses that will only be available to Hangaround members. 

How do you start building community at your airport?


Step 1. Sign Up for Hangaround and Join Your Airport Community
Every public airport has an Airport Community Group on Hangaround. This is a home base for your airport community. It is a place to start conversations, share stories, ask questions, and provide airport information.

Step 2. Get Involved With Your Airport Community
Your airport community will only grow if airport members participate and encourage others to do the same.

Step 3. Add Nearby Events
Events are an important way of meeting people at your local airport. Anyone can post an event to the an airport community calendar for everyone to see.

Step 4. Help Spread The Word
Building a community is hard, especially when people are unaware of the tools available to them. Help build your airport’s community by telling others at your airport about Hangaround.

We look forward to seeing you join our aviation community!    

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